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Flare Stack Ignition Systems

Transtech Flare Stack Ignition Systems help in complete and reliable flaring of wide range of waste gas by producing and maintaining a stable flame with flame monitoring and auto re-lighting system.  Pilots are designed for continuous and intermittent use in adverse weather conditions. The system is designed for simplicity for easy operation but with robust construction.

Standard and optional items and features :

  • ​Flare Tips - custom designed to assist in maintaining a stable flame, prevent lift-off, blow off and prevent flame ingress

  • High Energy/High Voltage Pilots - for continous or intermittent duty 

  • Flame Out Alarm, Thermocouple, Flame Rods, UV Flame Monitoring

  • Auto Re-Lighting System

  • Valve Trains - with instrumentations and safety

  • Control Panel - with option for explosion proof design

  • Velocity/Molecular Seal

  • Wind shrouds

  • Design and Drawing assistance for construction of flare riser

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