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TRANSTECH Hot Air Generator delivers bulk quantity of hot air at desired temperature and pressure for a wide range of heating and drying applications. These Units are based on know-how developed over years of research & continuous design improvements and incorporate the latest technologies in the sector. With production of soot-free hot air at high thermal efficiency and uninterrupted automatic operation, they meet the present day requirement of energy conservation quite effectively in both direct and indirect firing systems

TRANSTECH Hot Air Generators are direct oil, gas, coal fired units with double shell construction & inside refractory lining.

It is a shop assembled unit and supplied with necessary combustion & dilution air fans, burner, electrical panel, fuel handling system and controls.

  • Heat Release upto 10 MKcal/Hr

  • Excellent operation with High Thermal Efficiency, Ease of Operation and Minimal Maintenance.

  • Fitted with Transtech Burner - making a perfect matched system, ensuring adaptability and versatile process requirements

  • Fully Automatic, Sem-Automatic Combustion System with Temperature Control, Auto Ignition and Flame Monitoring.

  • Shop Assembled - rugged but simple construction.

  • Utilizes Aerodynamic principle for combustion as well as for mixing of dilution air.

  • Burner end cool plate ensures safe and convenient operation.

  • Annular passage around Combustion Chamber assures better Heat Recovery and low shell temperature.

  • Capability to operate with hot air recirculating from the process.


LPG, Coke Oven Gas
Producer Gas
Natural Gas,

Bio Gas, BF Gas, Mixed Gas

High Speed Diesel
Furnace Oil
Light Diesel Oil

Syn. Oil

Pulverised Coal Injects (PCI)


Gas Firing

Oil Firing

Dual Fuel Firing

PCI Firing


Valve Trains

Combustion Controls

Combustion Air Blower

Dilution Air Blower

Fuel Handling Units

Expansion Bellow

Control Dampers


Re-Circulating System


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